We Provide Solutions


We are offering our customers the best solution that is applicable, effectual and enhancing their business output.

Our services start from Supply, Planning, Survey, engineering Design, Installation, and Testing.

Outside Plant (OSP)

a. System Design, Survey & Engineering

b. Obtaining Necessary Permit

c. Supply, Logistic & Transportation

d. Installation of Aerial, Direct Buried and Duct System,
    Construction of Manhole & Laying Cable

e. Jointing and Termination

f. Test and Commissioning

FO Construction & Services

ü  Survey, Design & Engineering

ü  Construction ,Installation & Testing

ü  Repair & Maintenance

ü  Audit &  Optimization

ü  Cable Management

ü  Project Mangement

Inside Plant (ISP)

a. Supply

    i  . Local Partner of NEC Corporation Japan

    ii . Supply NEC equipment product

        1. SDH Multiplexer

        2. SDH/PDH Microwave Radio
    iii. Supply IBS repeater equipment

b. Services

     i  . Site Survey, System Design and Planning
     ii . Installation Services (indoor and outdoor)
     iii. Test and Commissioning

Radio Microwave

a. Survey, Design & Engineering

b. Installation &Testing

c. Repair & Maintenance

d. Audit & Optimization

e. Strut Antenna & Radom Replacement

f. Project Management

Operation & Maintenance Support

a. Operation & Technical Support;

b. Schedule Regular Maintenance Support;

c. 24 Hours Help Desk for Technical and Non Technical Issue;

d. Spare Part Management Systems